Each Footium club comes with a generative, upgradable 3D stadium
An artist's impression of the Footium National Stadium, where Cup Finals will be played.


Your club's stadium is where your home matches will take place within Footium and represents the physical home of your Footium Club.
Clubs starting in higher divisions will, on average, begin with larger, more modern-looking stadiums, while lower-division clubs will tend to have smaller and older grounds.
Many components of your stadium will be upgradable, adding an extra element to your club's prestige.
Some upgrades will even have a small effect on morale – which can impact your team's on-field performance – while others will be purely cosmetic for you to flex on your rivals.

Customisation and Upgrades

Club owners will be able to invest capital to enhance their stadium. Higher division clubs will be able to upgrade their stadiums further, and winning cup competitions may also unlock special stadium pieces. Clubs in higher divisions will have access to higher quality stands than those in lower divisions.
Club owners are able to upgrade the different stands of their stadium, across both size and material. In the future, other kinds of upgrades and features will be made possible, including expanding the area around the ground, with assets such as statues of club legends and hotdog stands.
Some stadium upgrades will also be rewarded based on performance.

Impact on Performance

Home-ground advantage is a real thing. In the most recent Premier League season, 15 out of the 20 clubs picked up more points at home than they did on the road.
We want that to reflect in Footium as well. Playing at home creates a morale boost for your players, and having a bigger stadium capacity will result in a bigger boost to morale.
By investing in stadium upgrades to increase capacity, you can materially impact your home-ground advantage and make your stadium a fortress feared by visiting clubs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In the future, the aim is to make stadiums income-generating assets for club owners.
In real-world football, many clubs of all sizes have sold their stadium naming rights to club sponsors – think Spotify Camp Nou, Emirates Stadium, LNER Stadium, etc.
As the in-game ecosystem develops, we hope to see Footium Club owners earn an income from similar sponsorship deals. Furthermore, advertising boards will be a possible revenue stream in the future!
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Customisation and Upgrades
Impact on Performance
Sponsorship Opportunities