Every player within the game is an NFT with either generative or bespoke artwork.


Every player in Footium is a unique NFT.
In addition to having a generative image, all players are generated with a number of randomised attributes that ultimately contribute to their overall rating at the time of their minting, as well as their potential future overall rating.
We sort player attributes into how directly they affect the match simulation. These are:
  • Influencer Attributes
  • Measured Attributes (Indirect)
  • Conditional Attributes
  • Measured Attributes (Direct)
Describing them in further depth:
Influencer Attributes: Attributes that correspond to the different game state characteristics
  • Injury status
  • Captain
  • Training
  • Stadium
Measured Attributes (Indirect): Attributes that correspond to the player's response to external events
  • Positioning
  • Mentality
  • Interceptions
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
Conditional Attributes: Those attributes that indirectly affect match performance by influencing measured attributes. These attributes correspond to changes in the player's internal and external state and mental and physical states.
  • Internal States
    • Mental: Morale
  • External States
    • Physical: Condition
    • Mental: Experience/Familiarity
Measured Attributes (Direct): Those attributes that directly affect events in the match.
  • Heading
  • Shooting
  • Pace
  • Dribbling, etc.