Conditional Attributes

As described in the Players section, one of the tiers of attributes is conditional attributes. These are attributes that indirectly affect match performance by influencing measured attributes.

Morale (Internal Mental)

Winning matches builds morale for players within the squad. Increased morale translates into a small positive impact on a player's expected matchday performance. An underdog team beating a big rival will receive a larger boost to morale than a large club winning a match that they're expected to win. Similarly, losing matches will have a small negative impact on a player's expected matchday performance.
Currently in the beta:
  • This feature has not been integrated yet.
  • Morale will depend on recent performances.
  • Home games at large stadiums will confer a benefit via morale.
  • Captains will improve team morale.

Condition (External Physical)

Condition corresponds to how fresh or tired a player is when playing a game.
During a game, a player's condition falls and playing many games consecutively without rest can lead to significantly worsened performance.
Currently in the beta:
  • Players who are in a poor condition perform worse in the game.
  • Tactical playing style affects the rate of loss of condition. Choosing an attacking style induces a greater rate of loss than a defensive style.
  • Condition depends on the player's fitness, fitter players lose their condition slower.
  • The amount of condition lost in a game depends on the amount of game time played by a particular player.
  • We will tweak some of the parameters based on testing and beta feedback.

Experience (External Mental)

Experience is a function of the amount and the quality of a player's match-experience. Players gain experience by playing in matches. This improves the skills of the player, with a bias towards the main skills used in the position they played in for each match.
For example, a centre-back will gain a lot of experience in tackling, whilst a centre-forward would gain experience shooting.
The rate at which players gain experience depends on a number of factors. Players who are fatigued and in poor condition will gain less experience than a fresh well-rested player. Particularly talented players can assimilate their game-time experience into a skill set faster. The experience of playing against a high-quality opposition accelerates players' skill acquisition.
Currently in the beta:
  • This feature hasn't been implemented yet.