Cup Competitions

There's two cup competitions for every club!
There are five main cup competitions in Footium (Sponsor's Cup not featured above).

The FFA Cup

The Footium Football Association Cup (FFA Cup) is a prestigious competition, something that every club owner will dream of winning as they go into a new season.
This tournament is open to every single club in the Footium Football League and is the Footium equivalent of the FA Cup.
Due to the size of the tournament (3,060 clubs), there will be pre-qualifying rounds, and clubs in higher divisions will enter the tournament at a later stage.
The FFA Cup Final and Semi-Finals will be held at the Footium National Stadium.

The FFA Trophy

The Footium Football Association Trophy is a cup competition open only to the 1,536 clubs participating in Division 8, giving smaller clubs a greater chance of winning silverware.
The FFA Trophy can be thought of as the Footium equivalent of the FA Trophy.

Footium Elite Cup

This cup competition is open to the teams in the top 3 divisions of the FFL, similar to the real-world English League Cup.

The Champions Cup

A competition planned for the future for the elite clubs of each chain – the Footium equivalent of the Champions League. This cup will not be introduced until Footium moves to multiple chains.
This as-yet-unnamed cup competition is open for sponsorship, and is exclusive to clubs in the middle of the FFL pyramid, specifically those in Divisions 4 through 7.
This competition is a similar equivalent to the real-world EFL Trophy.

Prize Structure

There will be both monetary and in-game prizes for cup winners, including stadium upgrades, bespoke badge upgrades, and NFT trophies.
The full prize details of each tournament will be released prior to the season.