League Competitions

The Footium Football League has a structure similar to the English Conference.
The Footium Football League (FFL) logo


The Footium League System is structured similarly to the English national league, meaning that each league has two feeder leagues. Each division is composed of a number of individual leagues. Leagues in higher divisions will on average have higher prize pools, more prestigious academies, stronger starting squads, and larger stadiums.

Division Structure

There are currently 3,060 clubs in 255 leagues spanning 8 divisions.
Division 1 has one league of 12 teams, Division 2 has two leagues of 12 teams, Division 3 has 4 leagues of 12 teams, etc. Currently, the bottom of the FFL, Division 8, has 128 leagues of 12 teams (1,536 clubs in Division 8).
Clubs that finish 1st in their league are guaranteed promotion to the division above.
Clubs that finish 2nd and 3rd will compete in a play-off semi-final and final with teams from another league in the same division to determine promotion.
Clubs that finish in the bottom 3 will be relegated to the league below.
Note: Clubs in Division 1 cannot be promoted and clubs in Division 8 cannot be relegated.

Prize Structure

Leagues in higher divisions will tend to have greater prize pools. These prize pools are derived from the actions occurring within the league and sponsorship revenue for that league. This is described in more depth in the Prize Pools section.


Games take place every day in seasons of 22 games. In the current version of the beta, matches take place at a fixed time, but in the future, Club owners will be able to specify their preferred home-game time (within a certain window).