Prize Pools


In addition to the prestige of performing well in cup competitions, prize pools are a motivating factor for club owners. Prize pools are dynamically allocated to clubs placing strongly in their league at the end of the season.

Prize Pool Sources

Academy Minting: Signing Fees
Each club has a Youth Academy which produces 10 new 18-year-old players each season (roughly a month in real-time). The players that are generated in your academy have different base ratings and potential ratings. These ratings are determined by various factors (division your club is in, any academy upgrades, coaches, and more) - further descriptions are found in the Academy Section.
Minting these players from your academy will have a fixed cost in terms of Footium tokens depending on your club's division. These minting fees are distributed to your league’s prize pool. This cost increases as you go up the divisions, to reflect the academy players' higher average quality.
Player Trading:
We will take 5% on Secondary Market Transactions. This will go into the prize pool associated with the purchasing club's league.
Academy Improvements
You will be able to purchase more coaching slots for your club, corresponding to how many coaches you can employ at any given time. This goes into the prize pool of the purchasing club's league.
Stadium Improvements
You will be able to upgrade your stadium with larger and more stylistic stands through spending Footium tokens. These fees also flow into the prize pool for your league. Functionally, this permits a larger fanbase, leading to better morale and performance for your team, and visually allowing you to flex your club's prestige.
Legendary Player Auctions
Each season we will auction off 20 Legendary players (in the first season, there will be 50 Legendary players). These players will have bespoke artwork designed by different artists in different styles, as well as strong in-game stats and a high potential maximum rating.
The revenue generated from sales of Legendary players will go into prize pools split across all divisions. There is also potential to have real-world players as Legendary players in the game in future.
Sponsorship of Footium divisions is something we are really excited to introduce, as this is an important factor in prize generation for real-world football leagues. We believe there is quite a compelling case for sponsorship of Footium divisions due to the exposure it provides to both football fans and people who are passionate about crypto, gaming, and NFTs. The revenue gained from sponsorship of each division will be split evenly across the leagues in the respective division.
If you are interested in sponsoring a division (or cup competitions!) within Footium, please contact George via twitter, discord or email (george(at)!

Prize Distribution

Prizes will be split across the Top 9 teams finishing each league season. The payout of the prize pool for each position will follow the distribution in the table below:
% of Prize Pool Payout

Revenue split

Initially, all revenue generated in-game will go into the prize pools.
As Footium develops and grows, some revenue will be redirected to the company treasury to cover game development costs.