Every matchday you will need to pick your team's starting 11, substitutes, formation, style of play, and tactics. However, there is more to being a manager than just 90-minute matches!
Off the pitch, you have the opportunity to build a talent pipeline, manage your squad's morale, and train your players.
You can also dip your toes into the transfer market, buying players to bolster your squad depth, or selling players to improve your financial situation.


In between matches, players take part in training sessions, helping them to unlock their full potential.
You can choose what to focus your players' training on, including focusing on certain skills for individual players. If trained correctly, some players will even be able to pick up new preferred positions over time.
In the future, there will be a training ground for which you can improve facilities. There will also be coaches with specific skills that will improve training quality for faster improvement.


Behind every great manager is a team of great coaches.
Certain players will have the potential to become coaches when they retire. You can choose which coaches you would like to employ based on their skill sets, which usually reflect the skills of the position they used to play in.
For example, a former goalkeeper could become a goalkeeping coach and train your goalkeepers on handling and distribution, while a former winger may be able to train your players' dribbling and crossing skills. However, being a high quality player doesn't always mean they will be a good coach!
In Footium, coaches are particularly useful when trying to produce players in specific positions from your academy, and for improving the overall quality of your academy's output.
You will be able to trade coaches, similar to how you can trade players.