Transfer Market

Note: The Footium marketplace is focused on player trading.
If you want to buy a Footium club, you can do so on secondary markets such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Academy Players

When players are part of your academy you can play them in matches. Whilst a player is below the age of 21, you will have the option of signing him for your squad or releasing him. If you want to sign him, there will be a small "signing-on" fee, which is used for prize pools. Once an unsigned player reaches 21 they become a free agent and can be signed by any club. If you release him, any other club will be able to sign him via an auction.
If you choose to sign an academy player, they become a tradeable asset, meaning you are able to set a price for them on the transfer market for other clubs to purchase, or loan them out.

Transfer Fees

Your players are your club's assets, and you are able to sell them to fund the purchase of further players, or to fund your club's treasury.
If you wish to sell one of your players, you can set a price for them and list them on the transfer market.
Every player transfer has a 5% trading fee that goes to the prize pools, funding league and cup prizes.
In addition to buying and selling players, clubs can arrange swap deals (trades) and player loans.


If you have a young player who might not be ready to play for you but you don't want to let go of, you can loan him out to another club for him to gain valuable match experience. You can charge a fee for this loan deal or it can be free.
To loan a player you negotiate with the club borrowing the player regarding the cost and duration of the loan. For the duration of the loan, the player is staked and cannot be sold or transferred by the loaning club. The player NFT isn't transferred to the borrowing club.