Vision and Roadmap

The future of football management gaming

More Than Just Gaming

By competing against other club owners, Footium bridges the gap between gaming as a closed-form activity and the interconnected real world.
Here are some of the things you can do in the game to become a successful club owner:
  • Set match tactics
  • Make in-game tactical changes and substitutions
  • Develop up-and-coming talent
  • Scout the transfer market and sign players
  • Keep your team's morale high
  • Maintain and upgrade your stadium
  • Build a real-world following
  • Establish a brand for your club
  • Upgrade your academy and talent pipeline

Democratisation of Value

Our approach to building gaming ecosystems is to put users at the heart of value creation and value capture. In traditional gaming, users invest serious time into their favourite games, with rewards being localised to the game itself. Monetary value flows unidirectionally from the user to the game studio.
In a world where games become great through community and user-generated content, we believe in empowerment through stakeholder ownership. In our system, users can materially benefit from their skill, with the majority of the revenue generated by the system to be redistributed back to its users.


In the real world, football is about so much more than weekly 90-minute matches. It is a cultural phenomenon, played out in the pub, on social media, and in every facet of pop culture – a social activity bringing people together.
Likewise, in Footium, complex relationships have already emerged with feeder clubs and communities of fellow supporters, while intense rivalries continue to form between league challengers and rival fans.