Founding Team

James O'Leary Co-Founder
Jordan Lord Co-Founder and CTO
George Benton COO

James O'Leary - Co-Founder

James is a smart contract developer with a passion for gaming. After finishing college James went on to study economics at the University of Oxford. Alongside his studies, James became a Blockchain Lecturer at the Oxford Foundry whilst also being the Co-President of the Oxford Blockchain Society.
James has been focusing on the game economics and game design within Footium to ensure a rewarding experience for players.

Jordan Lord - Co-Founder and CTO

Jordan is a full-stack developer with game development experience, as well as previously being a game developer for Multiverse Inc. during a work placement that saw him work in Shenzhen, China.
Having graduated with a first-class in computer science from the University of Bristol, Jordan went on to work as a Software Engineer at Netcraft, a large cyber security firm. He began building Footium in 2020 as a side-project before going full-time on Footium in mid-2021.

George Benton - COO

George co-founded the UK’s first student-led blockchain society in June 2017 and worked at various crypto startups in Business Development roles whilst finishing his degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Leeds.
After completing his degree, George joined Encode Club (a web3 accelerator) as Operations Lead. During this time, he advised the Footium co-founders Jordan and James before joining Footium full-time in late 2021.